i do mvc and xamarin 

i'm good in designing and team work 

i'm creative and i can give you ideas

i do photoshop and illustrator 

i don't share source code and do hosting my self for information security

i'm creative and doing special projects

mr. alex benjamin covar

ceo of fewgram 

with network you can send exam answers as morse code vibrate.

with this app people could access another phone ip as they share their ip to others as well and brake filters.

instagram bot for accessing to other people like them and eventualy get more folowers.

cheating app for exams

instagram bot

making a platform for accessing to virtual phone and telephony

telegram handy proxy


نمونه پروژه ها

درباره ی من

in this app people with desire of making money without doing nothing could install this app and allow strangers to access their telephony and virtual phone.

i'm a professional asp dot net website designer , i work on information security and websites i make can't be hacked , i'm creative and i can guid business owners on names and market area and i can make xamarin pro and cool apps for the websites i design , i can work with photoshop and illustrator so with me you don't need designer other wise i'm a full stack developer on all cost.